Introducing OneSocialWeb

Social networks are so important yet they limit us

Social networks have become an essential part of our day to day communication and we honestly cannot imagine living without them. But today's social networks also limit us:

  • You cannot become friends, message or share with someone on another social network.
  • You have to accept new terms and conditions for example on privacy or leave the network.
  • You cannot take your data with you to another network.
  • If your social network is facing technical problems, everyone is stuck.

A web of social networks

We think these limitations can be solved by connecting the different social networks in One Social Web in a way similar to email. Today there are many different email providers that all somehow work together. To make social networks work together they need to speak a common language so that a link you share, a status you post, or a photo you like on one social network can be read by someone on another. OneSocialWeb is all about defining that language.