About overview

The OneSocialWeb project team is not currently driving active development of the source code, but we encourage everyone to fork the project and contribute to it. If you send us a pull request, we'll be happy to merge it upstream! This project was conceived and started by Laurent Eschenauer and Alard Weisscher and would not have been possible without their vision and hard work. Diana Cheng and Lorena Alvarez have also previously worked on the project as developers. Daniel Appelquist continues to be the chief cheer-leader and hand waver and a point of contact for all web initiatives within Vodafone Group R&D. The following great open source libraries were used during the development of the project.

Onesocialweb started as an initiative of Vodafone Group Research and Development to serve the discussions and help taking concrete steps towards an open social web.

We dream of a world where all social networks are connected and work together in One Social Web. The OneSocialWeb projects was conceived to define the language to bridge these networks and make it easy for social networks to join.

What makes this approach unique, is that we used a technology called XMPP, the engine behind Instant Messaging. Many elements available in XMPP have been reused and we introduced a few missing ones. Learn more about why we chose XMPP.

This project was built upon the shoulders of other standardization initiatives aiming to open up the web and we have been inspired by the visionaries behind them: activitystrea.ms, portablecontacts, OAuth, OpenSocial, FOAF, XRDS, OpenID and more.